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Donut Boats for Rent on the Kalamazoo River

seats up to 10 people

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Pontoon Boats for Rent on the Kalamazoo River

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A large waterfront patio along the Kalamazoo River that’s perfect for casual outdoor drinks, lunch, dinner or appetizers.

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Enjoy cruising the lake in a meticulously maintained and rare classic fiberglass runabout boat from the jet-age era (1958-1963). Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much are the boats to rent?2020-01-16T23:01:41-05:00

Retro Boats are $115 for a 90 minute boat ride and $230 for 3 hours. These rates are for up to 2 passengers. Additional passengers are $10 each, kids 16 and under are free.  Our Donut Boats hold up to 10 people and are $125 an hour, minimum two hours, and $75 an hour after two hours.  Our Duffy boats hold up to 12 people and are $125 an hour, minimum 2 hours, and $75 an hour after two hours.  And our Pontoon boat holds 9 people, and can be rented for half or whole day rentals, at $325 for 4 hours, $650 for 8 hours.  The pontoon is also available for a weekly rental rate, and can be brought to your location on Hutchins Lake.

May I bring food and drinks on the boat?2020-02-02T15:03:26-05:00

Because we are a licensed alcohol establishment, no outside alcohol or coolers are allowed.  We provide coolers and ice, and a wide selection of domestic and craft beer, wine, hard ciders & seltzers, mixed drinks in cans, and bottles of wine and champagne to purchase.  We also have non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, and food can be purchased from The Old Boat House to take out on the boat with you, please call ahead.  You are allowed to bring in your own snacks, but again, NO OUTSIDE COOLERS.

How fast do these boats go?2020-01-16T23:02:53-05:00

These are not speed boats, so don’t expect to tube off the back of these. Our waterway is a no-wake zone, so you must take it slow.  Our electric boats are meant for cruising and sight-seeing.  We ask that customers keep the speed at 4 mph to obey the no wake zone in the channel, and to maintain the battery life of the boat.

Can I pull a tow-able?2020-02-02T15:04:27-05:00

No.  Again, these are not speed boats and are not meant for tubing or skiing.

May I bring alcohol on the boat?2020-02-02T15:02:07-05:00

Alcohol must be purchased at The Old Boat House, Retro Boat Rentals.  All state of Michigan laws related to the consumption of alcohol on a boat apply.

May I go out on Lake Michigan?2020-01-16T23:04:32-05:00

Unfortunately, no.  We have a beautiful channel, river and inland lake area that our boats can travel.  But because our boats are electric and small, it’s not a good idea to take them out on the open waters of Lake Michigan.  We provide a map so you know exactly where to go, so there’s no stress.

Can I anchor or beach and swim?2020-01-16T23:05:11-05:00

It depends on the boat.  Some of our boats are easier to get in and out of than others. Talk to us ahead of time and we can steer you in the right direction depending on your plans for the boat outing.  Generally speaking, 3 hour boat rides are better for anchoring and swimming.  We don’t allow customers to anchor our boat Lola, she’s very rare and special.  🙂

Our Donut Boats are a great option if you’re looking to swim, which can be rented for 2,3, or 4 hours, as well as our pontoon boat.  You can not swim off our Duffy Boats.

Do the boats have a radio?2020-02-02T15:10:16-05:00

We offer blue tooth speakers at no charge to take along for your ride.

What is the cancellation policy?2020-02-02T15:11:05-05:00

You will receive a refund for inclement weather cancellations only, and we make the call. We recognize it’s no fun to be on a boat in the rain.  There are no refunds for cancellations that are not due to rain, but we’re willing to work with you to re-book an appointment or provide a gift certificate for your next boat outing.  There are no refunds if it’s just cloudy and cool, our boats are great with a sweatshirt and blanket, trust us!

Can I bring a cooler on the boat?2020-01-16T23:07:04-05:00

No outside coolers are allowed, because of our liquor license, but we provide free coolers and ice, and drinks can be bought at The Old Boat House, Retro Boat Rentals.  If you want to bring non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, just don’t bring them in a cooler.  It gets awkward when we have to inspect coolers.

Can I dock these boats to have dinner (or to visit The Red Dock)?2020-01-16T23:07:44-05:00

Because our Retro Boats are rare, we ask that you do not dock at the Red Dock.  Unfortunately, their docks don’t have the proper protection for our boats.  If you have rented a pontoon from us, feel free to dock at the Red Dock.  The Donut Boats are up to Tony at the Red Dock, sometimes he’s okay with it, sometimes he’s not.

Can I bring my dog on the boat?2020-01-16T23:08:25-05:00

We have several boats that are pet friendly, usually Jane or Beverly.  Our boats change from season to season, so check with us ahead of time and we’ll book you on the right boat for you and your pup.  We LOVE Boat Dogs!

Do you have on-site parking?2020-01-16T23:09:36-05:00

We do have a few designated parking spots in front of our business, but they fill up quickly.  There is street parking all around our business, but again, the spots fill up.  A great option is parking at Saugatuck High School and taking the free shuttle that leaves every 15 minutes on the weekend.  You can drop your group off ahead of time and they can hang out at The Old Boat House while you’re parking.

If you are looking to rent a boat in Saugatuck, Retro Boat Rentals is the place to go!

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