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A large waterfront patio along the Kalamazoo River that’s perfect for casual outdoor drinks, lunch, dinner or appetizers.

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Enjoy cruising the lake in a meticulously maintained and rare classic fiberglass runabout boat from the jet-age era (1958-1963). Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do the boats cost to rent?2021-02-26T16:13:17-05:00

Retro Boat Rentals has a variety of boats, times, and prices.  Click on the Book Now button or here to see all the options.

May I bring food & drinks/alcohol/coolers on the boat?2021-02-26T16:14:33-05:00

We have two locations for our boat rentals.  If you are renting a boat at our main Water Street location for Retro Boats, you may NOT bring your own alcohol.  We are a bar and restaurant, so alcohol can be purchased at The Old Boat House/Retro Boats and we provide a cooler and ice at no charge.  There is also food that can be purchased, but you are welcome to bring your own food, just no outside coolers, it makes it awkward to search your cooler for alcohol.  If you are renting one of our Pontoon boats or Duffy Boat located at our other dock on Union Street, you may bring your own alcohol, coolers, food, etc.  There is not a bar or restaurant at this location, so come prepared.  All state of Michigan laws relating to the consumption of alcohol on boats apply.

How fast do these boats go?2021-02-26T16:15:26-05:00

The Kalamazoo River is a no-wake area, so our Retro Boats, Donut Boats and Duffy Boats (all electric) are meant to go around 4mph.  Our Pontoon Boats (gas powered) can go faster only in Kalamazoo Lake, but also must remain at a no-wake speed on the river.

Can I pull a tow-able?2023-05-03T12:39:45-04:00

No, most of our boats are not speedboats, so no towing.  Kalamazoo Lake is a small lake and for safety reasons we also don’t allow towing behind our Pontoon Boats.

May I go out on Lake Michigan?2021-02-26T16:16:46-05:00

Unfortunately, no.  We have a beautiful channel, river and inland lake where our boats can travel.  But because our boats are small and electric, it’s not a good idea to take them on the open waters of Lake Michigan.  The Pontoon Boats are also not safe to take on Lake Michigan.  We go over a map and show you exactly where to go, so there’s no stress.

Can I swim out of the boats?2021-02-26T16:17:23-05:00

Our Donut Boats and Pontoon Boats are great for swimming in the Cove area right before Lake Michigan.  Some of the Retro Boats are better for swimming than others, that’s indicated in the description when you book, and we recommend the 3 hour option if swimming is a part of your plan.  Our Duffy Boats are not easy to swim out of, but we do provide a swim ladder in case someone in your group wants to jump in.  

Do the boats have radios?2021-02-26T16:17:58-05:00

We provide a bluetooth speaker at no charge to enjoy for your ride.

What is the cancellation policy?2023-05-03T12:40:27-04:00

You will receive a refund for inclement weather cancellations ONLY, and we make the call.  We recognize it’s not fun to be on a boat in the rain.  There are no refunds if it’s just cloudy and cool, our boats are great with a sweatshirt and blanket, trust us!

There are NO refunds for cancellations that are not due to rain, but we are willing to work with you to rebook an appointment.  If you must cancel, please be considerate and give us enough time to rebook that boat ride, otherwise we lose out on an opportunity for someone else to take the boat out.

Can I bring my dog on the boat?2023-05-03T12:41:41-04:00

All of our boats are dog friendly; we LOVE boat dogs!  Our Retro Boats are small, so keep that in mind if you have a bigger dog.  We can recommend which boats work best for big dogs.  Please just be considerate and bring a towel to protect our seats from claws.

Is fishing allowed off your boats?2023-05-03T12:42:30-04:00

We ONLY allow fishing off our pontoon boats, there is NO fishing off our Retro, Donut or Duffy Boats.

Where should we park?2021-02-26T16:20:33-05:00

If you are renting a boat from our Retro Boat location, there is on-street parking, but spots fill up quickly on the weekend.  A great option is to park at the high school where there is a free shuttle every 15 minutes.  If you are renting a boat from our other dock on Union Street, there is a large parking lot with plenty of parking.

Do you provide life jackets?2021-02-26T16:21:03-05:00

Yes, we have life jackets in all sizes, infants to adults.

If you are looking to rent a boat in Saugatuck, Retro Boat Rentals is the place to go!


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