Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are the boats to rent?

We've set the price at $95 for a 90 minute boat ride. When booking, you'll select either 90 minutes, or 3 hours, and select 1 "ticket" per boat ride, regardless of the amount of passengers (most boats hold up to 4 people).


2.  May I bring food and drinks on the boat?

Yes you can bring food and drinks on the boat. We offer non-alcoholic drinks as well as snacks for sale at the Old Boat House. You may bring your own, including alcoholic beverages.  There is a party store just footsteps from the Old Boat House. 

3.  How fast do these boats go?

These are not speed boats, our electric boats are meant for cruising and sight-seeing.  They top out between 5-10mph, with the average speed in the channel being 4mph to obey the no wake zone. 

4. Can I pull a towable? 

No.  Again, these are not speed boats and are not meant for tubing or skiing. 

5. May I bring alcohol on the boat?  

Yes, but all state of Michigan laws related to the consumption of alcohol on a boat apply 

6.  May I go out on Lake Michigan? 

Yes, weather and lake conditions permitting. We reserve the right to restrict boats from entering Lake Michigan for any reason. If lake conditions do allow, it's at your own discretion to leave the channel. These are small boats and lake conditions can change quickly. Your best chance to get on Lake Michigan is in the morning or evening. 

7. Can I anchor or beach and swim?

It depends on the boat.  Some of our boats are easier to get in and out of than others. Talk to us ahead of time and we can steer you in the right direction depending on your plans for the boat outing.  

8. Do the boats have a radio? 

The boats have blue tooth speakers only, and a cell phone charge port is on each boat.  


9. What is the cancelation policy? 

You will receive a refund for inclement weather cancellations. We recognize it's no fun to be on a boat in the rain. 

10.  Can I bring a cooler on the boat?

Yes, but they must be a soft cooler and it should be fairly small, since the boats are on the smaller size. If you don't have one, we have them to rent for $5.  We have non-alcoholic beverages and snacks to purchase at The Old Boat House, or a party store just down from us has beer and wine.

11.  Can I dock these boats to have dinner (or to visit The Red Dock)?

It depends on the boat. Some boats are rare, and we'd hate the see them damaged.  Let us know if you're thinking of stopping at the Red Dock, we'll put you in the right boat. 

12.  Can I bring my dog on the boat?

Not yet, but we are currently working on a boat that will be geared specifically for dog owners and their furry friends (how fun, right?)  We'll update when we finish that boat.    

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